Interference and the Impact on your Wireless Network

Radio Frequency Interference

Although not visible, radio frequency waves are all around us. Devices such as mobile phones, FM radio, microwaves, cell phone boosters, and Zigbee all broadcast various frequencies—just like Wi-Fi. Some of these devices broadcast on the same frequencies as Wi-Fi. As a result, interference that affects the performance and speed of the Wi-Fi signal can sometimes occur. Steps can be taken to help avoid or reduce these devices from interfering, allowing for greater performance of Wi-Fi throughout the home.

Physical Interference

Various materials in the home can greatly affect the coverage area and speed of Wi-Fi. Items such as stone, water, metal, and cement can change the performance and coverage area broadcast from a wireless access point. In order to adapt to influences of the physical environment, construction materials and where they are in the home must be taken into consideration when designing a robust wireless network.

Proper Planning and Design

Proper upfront planning is essential to create an incredible Wi-Fi experience. A little time taken to properly design and verify network performance can greatly reduce troubleshooting time later in the project. Having a suitable design followed by thorough site survey verification will provide the information necessary to know what adjustments may need to be made to the system. Following this process will ensure the desired Wi-Fi network result is one that satisfies your needs.

Lindsay Bull