IPIQ Basics: Seamless Roaming

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By Lindsay Bull, technical writer


Last week, we defined roaming, the general term; if you’re familiar with roaming, you already know there are different experiences one might have when roaming about a space, depending on how the network is set up.

Today, we’re going to talk about the optimal roaming solution – seamless (or active) roaming.

Let’s revisit last week’s scenario, your client who’s video chatting with her daughter who just moved out for her first semester of college. We’ll call her Cindy.

Cindy’s in the bathroom, getting ready for the day; her phone is sitting on the counter next to her. She receives the video call from her daughter, answers it, and moves from the bathroom back into her bedroom.

Currently, her phone is connected to the access point in her bedroom, which is offering the strongest signal. As she moves from her bedroom out into the hall and down to the kitchen, her device must roam from access point to access point along the path in order for her to not drop the video call with her daughter.

During this process, something is happening on the back end to make seamless roaming happen.

The wireless controller in Cindy’s home actively manages and keeps track of the devices on her network. It knows to which access point each device is connected and can tell when a device moves away from that access point.

As Cindy moved away from her bedroom, the controller noticed her device moving away from one access point and towards another. Quickly, before Cindy’s device ever experienced a poor connection, the controller told the bedroom access point to roam. This forced the device to connect to the next access point on the path, maintaining great signal the entire time.

With seamless roaming provided by Luxul’s Roam Assist™, Cindy is able to have a meaningful, face-to-face chat with her daughter, while dropping the call never even crosses her mind.

Not all roaming solutions are created equal. Join us next week for a post about a far less adequate roaming solution that many of your non-Luxul clients are likely relying on.

Lindsay Bull

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